TGIF – We made it! Time for our first “Foody-Friday”

TGIF – We made it to Friday! Give yourself a pat on the back!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday. I want to thank our readers and followers for checking out our website, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, Instagram, Pinterest Board and our Youtube Channel. We hope you are gaining some insight into what makes a person feel happier.


The daily themes that we will be establishing are closely related to gratitude, helping others, enjoying the little things and being in the moment.


  “I caught myself today. I was very happy in the moment. I was playing on the floor with my baby. He was laughing and saying, “Da da!” and I was playfully responding, “Ma ma!” It went back and forth and we were both laughing. It was so simple. When the moment passed I thought to myself how perfect that moment was and just like that it was gone.”


Be in the moment

It seems the very antithesis of happiness could be the actual realization of seeking it. The key is to stay in the moment as much as possible. It is like being in dream and then realizing that you are dreaming. It is often the end of the dream. Pay attention to the people around you. Put down your phone. Once you find yourself in more and more of these moments you will recognize what types of situations really do bring you higher levels of happiness, laughter, satisfaction or whatever word you use for – ‘feeling pretty great at the moment’.

Theme of the Day

Today’s theme is “Foodie Friday”. We like to talk about foods that make you feel healthier, happier and calmer. We have focused discussion on the many benefits of  Dark chocolate, yogurt and others too. We also like to see what you, the reader are eating.

Do you have a cheat day?

Today I asked you what you like to eat on your cheat day…if you have one. I let the weekend be my time to allow myself to indulge a little. During the week I like to follow a 90%-10% where 90% of the time I make healthy choices. During the weekend we like to follow something closer to 70%-30% where 70% of our diet is based on healthy choices.

Foods we like to indulge on during the weekend: 

Lori’s 5 Must-haves:

  1. Pizza with either dill pickle dip or creamy garlic dip
  2. Caramel crunch cake -the real one!
  3. Vanilla cupcake with sugary icing
  4. Soft fresh baked panino from a bakery
  5. Prosciutto and provolone cheese – ok that is two items but they will both go on the bun 🙂

Cara’s 5 Must-haves:

  1. Hawaiian Pizza
  2. Bailey’s Cheese Cake
  3. Camarillo Chocolate bar
  4. Pastaciaonate (amazing Portuguese pastry)
  5. Bowl of Penne Pasta with Marinara sauce and Parmigiana Cheese (not sweet but a tonne of calories nonetheless)

What is your sweet treat or weekly cheat? We want to know!

Feel free to leave any feedback, questions, or comments that you may have. It is always welcome.


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Have a great weekend everyone!!!

The sun is always shining behind the clouds!


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