Day 5: Part 2

Vision Board. How to Create one. Quote by abraham lincoln.

What do you want your life to look like?

Hey everyone! What do you want in your life? Do you know what you want to surround yourself with? Do you know the who and where of your perfect future? If you do not, then it is time to start putting thought into this. Also, knowing what you do not want, or what you dislike is not enough, although it is a start.

For example, when it comes to a long-term relationship or spouse, in searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, one should know what he or she is looking for. The searcher may create a list of ‘requirements of the perfect mate”. This list, as time passes and dates accumulate, becomes longer and longer, hence the likelihood of finding this ideal other half becomes less and less.

Perhaps at times it is good to have a very short collection of 3 to 5 ‘deal-breakers’. The person can have a strange collection of rare socks from international countries. This person may be totally into old Italian folk music and love to dance the tarantella for hours at a time. This person may eat Mexican food 6 times a week and enjoy showing off how loud they can pass gas. These things are all somewhat eccentric although if none of these qualities are found on your ‘deal-breaker’ list then it’s all good.

Lori’s Deal Breaker list for a perfect mate:

i could not be with someone who:

  1. Is insensitive to others
  2. Lacks a sense of humour
  3. Does not love and want children
  4. Dislikes vacationing
  5. Does not Love me…exactly how I am.

What about other important decisions?

When other important decisions are in question, you can use the same kind of process. Some situation where this will work is: choosing a new home, a career, a program in college or even choosing who to vote for. You can start by choosing a short list of ‘deal-breakers’ and then a longer ‘must-have’ list.

When your future is concerned you can just let things flow and hope for the best, or there is another option. You can actually make a plan or ‘blueprint’ of your fantasy future. This is actually your task for this week. Your challenge will be to create a visual form of your fantasy future. You can have any future that you want. The rub lies in the idea that some people do not know what they want their future to look like. If you find yourself in this camp, the ‘I don’t know what I wanna do in the future’ camp then you have some real soul searching to do. If you do know what you want in life, it is always a good idea to commit things onto paper or into some concrete form.  Once you have done this, you can start adding more detail and really visualizing your fantasy future. Try it.

Some great ideas for putting your mental vision into the physical world include such ideas as:

  •   Create a colourful and eye-catching vision board that includes all of the amazing things that your life currently holds and some ‘things’ that you would like to see in the near future
  •   Assemble a vision scrapbook or ‘Smash’ book with all of the elements of a perfect life according to you.
  •   Create a simple collage of all the beautiful things in your life
  •   Write a gratitude list and add to it every day
  •   Create a Power Point ‘Story’ of your life.  Add elements that you desire to see manifest. Watch it every day and watch it come true.
  •   Play make-believe or pretend that a fantasy scenario is reality, i.e., imagine your simple sedan is a coupe racing car. Your imagination is the limit.

If you can think of other ideas of how to make a concrete version of your fantasy future send us an email or comment on this blog post.

Cara and I have both added pictures of our vision boards. I will also be creating a sample of each of the other ideas.

See attached a form that you can fill out in order to record all of your favourite things. This will also help you to realize more  of what you want to find in your life from day to day.

To enter this weekly challenge please show us your Fashion your Fantasy Future project. Remember this is your own and it does not have to look like anyone else’s. Submit your photo and caption using one of the following methods:


  1. Use #fantasyfuture on Twitter on our twitter account @SpensieriMethod
  2. Post a photo on our Instagram account
  3. Email us a photo to
  4. Send us a pin on Pinterest at @lorispensieri


We are so excited to hear from you.

The challenge today involves creating a vision board to show what you really want in your life. Creating a vision board will allow you to actually see your desires and not only imagine them. Doing this can create a hyper-focus on what you really truly want. Doing this task helps you to realize that perhaps simply knowing what you want, it will actually be within your grasp (with hard work and persistence of course!)

Cara and I have both created vision boards and I have to say that we both really enjoyed it!


“I noticed that I am doing well in achieving the bottom portion of the vision board. I have had a baby and my relationship is thriving. I have a dog. I am starting to lose weight after the baby. However, I am having difficulty manifesting the top part of the vision board. I found a few pictures that are more realistic for me and my life. I like small homes and live in one. Here is a picture that represents more what I would like my home to look like.(TO FOLLOW)

I also realized that I have never really traveled anywhere. I really do love being at home and enjoying my city, Toronto. I do, however, have a desire to see what else is out there. Teaching English has allowed me the pleasure of meeting many amazing people from around the world. I have learned so much from them and it has motivated me to want to see the beaches of Brazil, the cities of Japan, the “real” pizza of Italy or the islands of Greece.

That’s all I have for now! Time to sleep and dream about my wonderful life (which I already have!)”  CARA SPENSIERI 


“This is, by far, my favourite activity in the 30 days. I have a vision board that I enjoyed creating. I also enjoy adding to it on a regular basis. Currently I have my dream house on my vision board. I combine my vision board with daily meditation and visualization. I imagine myself living in this dream home. The happiness I will feel. The vision board also provides me with a creative outlet.