Day 4 – Affirm your Affirmations!

Repeat after me:

“I am smart and resourceful and I can do whatever I put my mind to.”

Now say it again 5 times.

This is called an affirmation. An Affirmation is a positive statement that one repeats to oneself until it is believed. An affirmation can be used to convince oneself of anything that one needs convincing.   You can learn to love yourself. You can learn to see your own qualities and more. 

If you want to create an affirmation,  you require 2 things:

You will need:

  • 2 adjectives (describing words)
  • An action (What do you want to accomplish today?  What qualities do you need to achieve it?)


Example: You have an interview today and you are worried about not being able to answer questions accurately and confidently

Desired Action: To Answer questions with accuracy and confidence

2 Adjectives: articulate and prepared


THE Affirmation: I am articulate and prepared. I  can answer any questions with accuracy and confidence. My interview will be perfect!


An Example used by Lori and Cara:

Desired Action: write inspirational posts and provide valuable resources to those in need  

2 Adjectives: caring and helpful  

OUR affirmation: We are caring and helpful teachers. We write inspirational posts and provide valuable resources to those in need!


Write one of your own:

Choose an action:

  1.    Do anything in life
  2.    Achieve my goals
  3.    Speak English well
  4.    Listen/write/speak well
  5.    Be a great friend
  6.    Get a job
  7.    Be Positive


Choose two positive adjectives:

  1.    Smart/intelligent
  2.    Interesting
  3.    Funny
  4.    Beautiful/handsome
  5.    Supportive
  6.    Clever/ witty


Now go for it! Create your own affirmation. Use the formula or make it up yourself.


I am ________ and _______and I can ______________.


The first and tenth affirmations will win a prize-pack. Have a great day and Eh, Be Positive!