How to Be Happier Today

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How to be Happier – The Spensieri Method

By Lori and Cara Spensier
Be Happy. It is a choise. How to be happy. How to be happier
Just decide that today you will begin to be happy. You do not need a reason.

I am a busy person. I can not complain about my business (busy-ness) as I mainly do this to myself. Perhaps my business is a method of distraction. Of course, I have elements in my life that I can not avoid (and would not want to avoid). I have a full-time job as a Secondary Teacher. I have a family that I am actively involved with. My two boys, aged 6 and 9, both play hockey. They both play on ‘Rep’ hockey teams. This is not to brag, just to demonstrate the level of commitment required. Combined, they have hockey eight times each week. Yes, I realize that this is impossible.

I love so try new things.

Jacob and Matthew play hockey 3-4 days per week. They love it. That is why I do it!

Besides all of this, I love to try other endeavors. I like to write poetry, post blogs, I run a series of Facebook Pages and multiple Groups. I love to interact with people, in any format. I do not expect to get rich quick, although I do imagine that one day I will be able to work less away-from-home and I want to work more from my home. My children come first. Being here at home, with them is my ideal picture of happiness. 

The Key to Happiness.

This is key. To know what you want. To know what your idea of happiness looks like, is the most important thing to which you can dedicate time.

Let me as you; What makes you happy?

My sister Cara and I wrote a book entitled, Thirty Days to a Happier You. It will be published in early 2020. We are so proud and so happy.

Smile. There is scientific evidence that backs up a claim that smiling can increase positive feelings.

This book is a program that causes the reader to try new methods for increased happiness every day, for 30 days. The methods are all performance based. Each method asks the reader to do an action, try something new or create something.

At the end of the day, the reader writes down, or voice records, a journal entry, called a “Daily Download”. This daily download will allow the happiness-seeker to better asses each method for effectiveness.

We are all different. The commonality between all of us is that we all have a heart, that is capable of so much love. Love is the force that transcends all differences. Click here for our blog article all about love on our sister page

The first 5 days of the “Thirty Days to happy” are as follows:

Every person on Earth is different. Each individual is unique. From the outside, some people may look the same. Some people score identical IQ scores or similar Personality styles. This is all relevant but the truth is, each of the 7.6 billion people on Earth is each unique. It seems impossible.  Click here to see an article that looks at all of the genetic combination possibilities that exist. It truly is fascinating.

What makes you happy?
What makes you happy? Have you ever put thought into it?

With that being said, each of us can find happiness, although in a different way. This may require some experimenting. This may require some trial and error. Never give up on finding the people and circumstances that will bring you feelings of happiness and joy. You deserve it and you can have it.

Day 1 – What is Happiness to you? – Click here for more information and printables

Day 2 – Perceive the Positive Twist

Day 3 –  Put the “Me” in Meditate

Day 4 – Affirm Your Affirmations

Day 5 – Fashion Your Fantasy Future

We hope that you enjoyed the first five days of Thirty Days to Happy. The completed book will be published and available soon. We are excited to spread happiness and positivity.

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