How to Be Happier; Day 5

Vision Board. How to Create one. Quote by abraham lincoln.

Taken from the book “Thirty Days to Happy,” written by Lori Spensieri and Cara Spensieri of Eh! Be Positive

Summary of Day 5: Fashion your Fantasy Future.

A vision board is a visual display of the life that one desire for oneself. A description of what a vision board is and the purpose of it are explained in the introduction to this chapter.

Example of a Vision Board.
Cara’s Vision Board.

The main task for day 5 is for the reader to create his or her own vision board. A vision board is not a single day project although the reader can begin today. There is a photo of my actual vision board, as well as, a list of what I have already been able to manifest from the vision board to date. It is important for the reader to see an authentic example and that it does indeed work. This serves as a form of motivation to take this task seriously.

The appendix of the book provides a series of resources about vision boards, other research conducted on the effectiveness of such practices and various literature and books written on the topic by such authors as Joe Vitale and John Assaraf. The final task is for the reader to complete the daily download at the end of the day.

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