How to Be Happier – Day 4

affirmations can change your life. Positive thinking. Reprogram your mnd to be positive

Based on the book “30 Days to Happy” by Lori Spensieri and Cara Spensieri

Summary of Day 4: Affirm your Affirmations.

Affirmations are an old practice of repeating positive statements silently or aloud in order to create a better level of belief and manifestation of the statements. Day 4 is about creating one’s own affirmations to use in one’s own life. The reader may or may not believe in the effectiveness of such a practice, although he or she is asked to try it for at least a day.

use affirmations to attract positive energy, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Repeating affirmations has benefits similar to meditation, sleep and exercise.
Affirmations are sure to bring on positive thinking.

This chapter requires the reader to complete three tasks. The first task requires the reader to choose three affirmations from a set of provided affirmations or to choose his or her own affirmations based on what he or she desires to manifest within his or her life. The reader is then asked to try a variety of multi-sensory techniques using the affirmations: say them out loud, write them repeatedly, sing them, say them while looking into the mirror, say them into a tape recorder and listen to the recording. The reader should be able to find a preferred format for experiencing the chosen affirmations. The final task is for the reader to complete the daily download at the end of the day.

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