How to Be Happier: Day 3

Feature image for Day 3. Put the me in mediation
Trust us, anyone can learn to meditate.

Summary of Day 3: Put the ‘Me’ in Meditation. 

The scientific research behind the benefits of daily meditation is staggering. A mere 5 minutes of daily mindfulness, structured breathing and thought focussing can go a long way toward the betterment of one’s health. These benefits include better sleep, less physical pain and better ability to handle conflict and stress.

There are three tasks that the reader is assigned to for day three. First the reader is instructed on how to create a meditation plan that works for him or her. They must consider the types of meditation, individual preference and available time.  Next, the reader is asked to initiate his or her first meditation. Lastly, the reader must complete the daily download in order to document the results of this exercise with regard to psychological, emotional and physical reactions.

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