How to Become Happier; Day 2

Based on the book “30 Days to Happy” by Lori Spensieri and Cara Spensieri

Summary of Day 2: Perceive the Positive Twist.

The Positive Twist. Day 2 of 30 days to happy
Anything that happens in life can be seen as a blessing, or a blessing in disguise.

“30 Days to Happy” is a book that will make people happier. This book will have the reader completing a series of performance-based tasks that will work to make him or her feel happier. Day 1 of this program requires the reader to define their own individual meaning for the idea of happiness. This is very important. One can not become happier if one does not know what one wants.

Day 2 has the reader focus on looking at his or her life with a dose of optimism. Every detail of our lives can be seen as a positive or a negative. One problem that exists with the subconscious mind is that it tends to focus very heavily on the bad, the negative and on life’s shortcomings. This may not seem like a big deal but in the long run, it is. Based on the law of attraction, “What we think about, we bring about.” The words that we tell ourselves become true. It is important that we tell ourselves positive things. This is the reason that day 2 is dedicated to looking at each perceived ‘negative’ within one’s life and begin looking at it from a different angle. As Lee Atwater famously said, “Perception is a reality.” This statement holds true in many circumstances.

Day 2 consists of three tasks. The reader must first complete a list of negatives that exist within his or her life. This can include; a job that he or she does not enjoy, minimal savings, poor friendships, etc. The next task asks the reader to take each of these negatives and put a positive spin onto it. Examples are provided for the reader. The final task is for the reader to complete his or her daily download at the end of the day.

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