How to Become Happier.

What is happiness to you? What is happines?

Based on the book “30 Days to Happy” by Lori Spensieri and Cara Spensieri

Summary of Day 1: What is your Happiness?

Many people are quick to express that they are unhappy although, when asked what would help them to stop being unhappy and to become happier, this person often lacks a substantial response. They do not know what, in life, actually brings happiness to them. After putting some real thought into it, it becomes clearer. Once the individual knows what makes them happy, they can begin to plan the ways that they will attract more of these people, activities and things.

There are five tasks to complete during this chapter. Task 1 requires the reader to create his or her own definition of what happiness is to them;

Task 2 asks the reader to complete a mind map of what makes them happy;

Task 3 allows the reader to find a baseline of their current level of happiness by completing a short happiness scale. This allows the reader to gauge whether their happiness levels are increasing; Task 4 asks the reader to answer a short series of questions. The responses to these questions allow the reader to plan out what they would like their life to eventually look like. The final task is for the reader to complete their daily download.

Lori’s List of the 10 things that make her the happiest!
Cara's List with a picture of spongebob looking happy
Cara’s List of the Things that Make her the Happiest!

By the end of this chapter the reader has a relatively clear idea of what they want out of life.

30 Days to a Happier You


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