Day 3: Put the Me in Meditate!

Day 3! Here we go…

The world can be an overwhelming place. Living in a busy city can overload the senses. The sounds, sights and even smells can make you feel like you are going crazy.

At times life can seem very chaotic. There is a always a way to stay calm and focussed.

Every now and then removing yourself from the sensory stimulation can have a great benefit to your overall health. Your physical and emotional health depend on this. How do you do this? 

You can try meditation. If you have not tried it you should. You might find that you love it. The stillness, the quiet, the solitude. Some people find nothing else that has the same calming effect. Some feel the opposite. If you do not enjoy meditation, read on.


What if I do not enjoy meditation?

Try one of the following relaxing activities in order to bring yourself back down to earth. All of these activities are guaranteed to bring down your level of stimulation. One or more of these activities will help you to be calmer and happier.

12 Ways to Feel Calm and Relaxed (other than meditation)

  1. Lie down for 10 minutes and think about anything you want…except your problems.
  2. Do 10 or 20 minutes of pilates.
  3. Try Yoga or Tai chi
  4. Free association writing
  5. Writing a ‘Daily Download’ or journal
  6. Take a walk outside
  7. Stretch
  8. Tidy up your living space
  9. Get into herbal tea
  10. Say a prayer
  11. Hug it out.
  12. Listen to meditative calming instrumental music or sounds (ocean or rain(

We hope that these suggestions are helpful. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment.

Check in tomorrow for the weekly challenge.

Get calm and …

Eh! Be Positive.



Click here for a list of great resources about introducing meditation to your child, at any age. 


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