Week 2 of Day 1

Week 2 of Day 1

Day 1 again? Yes. We will not be repeating each of the 30 days, although this one warrants an encore. We all know what makes us miserable! We can list the things that drive us crazy about another person. We all know why we hate Mondays! Day 1 is the complete opposite of this. This week is a continuation of our focus on what makes your heart sing and your eyes twinkle. 
Being a happy person does not come naturally to everyone.  Experiencing happiness on a regular basis takes work and dedication. Following a program for 30 days is a great idea. It will help you to form new happy habits. After the 30 days, your heightened happiness is likely to linger for a little while. Perhaps for a couple days, weeks or even a few months. That’s a great thing! 
You will have to watch for little hints of negativity trying to sneak into your way of thinking. Let us provide you with an example. Perhaps you are late for work by a few minutes and despite your lateness going unnoticed by management, you catch your inner voice saying, “You are an idiot, you always screw up! You should have gotten up earlier”. Is it necessary to be so harsh with yourself? Would you judge someone else so intensely? You must try to give yourself the same benefit-of-the-doubt that you would likely give someone else? One incident of negativity may not have a large affect on your happiness level although multiple incidents of negativity will likely leave a dent. 

“Deliberate Positivity”

The best way to combat negativity is with “deliberate positivity”. 
What does this mean?
To act with “deliberate positivity” means that you will actively do certain actions that help you to see things in a positive light. Other ways to be “deliberately positive” include:
  • Try to catch yourself when you are thinking negatively. Stop it in its tracks.
  • Use positive affirmations to create and maintain positive beliefs. 
  • Use mindfulness and meditation daily to calm your mind
  • Upon waking in the morning, set positive intentions for the day
  • When experiencing something difficult, consider the benefits of the situation

5 Habits of happy people: 

– Start each day with a smile and a plan!
– Eat something you love for breakfast every day 
– Have favourite things, foods, and songs
– Stand up for yourself…always! 
– Do what you love
When all else fails… go to your happy place! 


Tell us what your happy is. Do this by creating your own ‘Personal Happiness Statement’
See my statement and Cara statement here! 
Please use one of the following methods in order to join the challenge! 
🎲 email us your ‘Personal Happiness Statement’ to thirtydaystohappy@gmail.com
🎲 post a comment including your Personal ‘Happiness Statement’ directly to this blog post.
🎲 post a comment of your ‘Personal Happiness Statement’ to our Facebook page. 
Find your happiness by knowing your happiness. 
And remember Eh! Be Positive!


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